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Video glasses, applications

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When you buy video glasses there are several applications you can use them for. And the list is growing... herewith the most common applications:

Watching your favourite audiovisual content while you are on the road. Whether you travel for business by plane or commute between your home and your work, with your video eyewear you enjoy watching music videos, TV shows, films, and while on the move. A revolutionary way to turn your waiting and travel time into a true 'quality time' experience. Cinema vision, without the need to hold something in your hand for 2 hours like when you e.g. use an iPod Video. Video freedom, anywhere, anytime. Without having to compromise with tiny images on a small screen or carry around a heavy screen to get a true large-screen experience.

Lay in bed relaxed with your head on the pillow and have cinema experience. Watching a move from bed is relaxed. Even more relaxed is when you can lay with your head on a pillow and still see everything as if you are in the cinema. If you move your position ones in a while to have optimal comfort, no worry, you cinema moves with you. This is something to experience yourself! All this without disturbing your partner.

Experience 3D movies. Find yourself immersed in a 3D world with our relaxView 3D video glasses. Until recently you had to go to a theme park like Disneyland to experience this!

Dental patient distraction. Medical specialists who treat patients like e.g. dentists use video eyewear so patients focus less on pain but on the audiovisual content they are watching. A scientific study called Effects of Audiovisual Distraction During Dental Prophylaxis, JADA, July 2001, contained the following conclusion: "All of the patients who completed this study said they would prefer to use the audiovisual eyeglasses again during dental procedures." Click here for the study  

Trade Show promotion tool. During a trade show your business relations will love to sit in a nice coach and use video glasses instead of watching a flat screen to receive an audiovisual message concerning your business. Video eyewear is the ultimate 'narrow casting' tool. Your business relation will receive your message more intense without the chance being disturbed by a colleague. So you do not lose communication impact!

Bring your game experience to a new level. Immerse yourself in the game without disturbance from anything but the game you are in. Video glasses can be connected to all game consoles, like PlayStation (2, 3), Xbox (360), GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Can you handle it? See also some top video glasses research that is being conducted right now.


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